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Art Purchase Award 1 (2)

2013 Art Purchase Award Winner, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Art is about more than creating an item of beauty that is hung on a wall or left on a shelf.  Art is a way for students to learn about the world around them, and about themselves.  It is a process that can change how they view the world.  In my career I have tried to give students opportunities to achieve their personal best and push the limits of their creativity in an atmosphere that allows each student to be a unique individual who has something to offer and contribute to others.

I have taught in the FDCSD in Iowa for five years, and at LISD in Texas for two years.  I have a total of 3 years PK-5th grade elementary experience and 4 years working with 9-12th grade students.  I love all ages of learners for their unique time in life.  I like that each day challenges me to be a better teacher for my students, and that I can learn from them as well.

I remember my first day as a kindergartner 25 years ago simply because there was a work station with easels and paint.  I remember waiting my turn for what seemed forever, having to clean up after myself, and not being able to tie my shoes.  I know that each student will walk out of our doors someday with similar memories, but mostly they will remember how they felt about them and the people who supported them. I believe all kids can learn, that all students want to learn, and that we as teachers must find a way for them to be motivated and ready.  Creating a safe learning environment with mutual respect is key for learning at any age in a persons life.

I also feel strongly that it is my responsibility to help students realize that they have something to offer the world, and that they have purpose in their life.  It is important for me to know each student so that I can help them internalize goals and what they learn, and to feel that what they are doing has meaning.  I want students to become lifelong learners and see the benefits of keeping a skill rather then doing work for a grade or to just be done with the task that is irrelevant to their life.  I believe all students want to do well, but need a teacher willing understand their individual needs, fears, interests, and their strengths.

Please feel free to contact me:

Jillian Svendsen
2012 W LOOP 289
Apt. 18
Lubbock, TX 79407

Personal Phone: (319) 213-2611
Work Phone: (806) 766-0988
Personal E-mail: jillian.knutsen@gmail.com
Work E-mail: jknutsen55@lubbockisd.org

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